Lol matchmaking changes - League of Legends Matchmaking Changes.

These 15-20 minute Dominion queues are no fun

It might work in more popular queues like summoners rift, but it needs to be dynamically adjusted based on queue popularity at the time, so that there aren't super long queues at off times, or in unpopular queues like dominion draft.

I don't mind waiting slightly longer for a SR game to get a much more evenly matched game, but when the queues get excessive it really isn't worth it IMO.

also, this seems a bit risky to put into ranked. If you're in a way seperating new ranked players and experienced ones, depending on how strict the win based matchmaking is it may be frustrating. New players will have easier matchups, and possibly even fly up hundreds of elo since they are against other new ones. Then when they have a lot of wins and match up with more experienced players, they will drop and do poorly because they got a high rating due to easy opponents.
This might potentially mess up the accuracy of elo rating, as it would be much easier to reach say 1500 on a new smurf, than on an account with 200+ ranked wins.

Quote: Lyte : We'll be taking a look at Dominion during these tests. If it turns out that the queue time increases are not worth the benefit, we can turn it off in Dominion.
Quoting response for convinience, good to hear.

As a programmer I have to say it wouldn't be too difficult to adjust how strict the win based matchmaking is based on the current popularity of the queue automatically. Every 30 minutes or so check how many players at each win level queued, then based on those results adjust how close the system attempts to matchmake them. If it's at a super low level(like dominion draft), just disable it completely.

4:50 PM ET Status: The script has been run! All rewards have been sent to those who qualified. Have fun lighting up your enemies, Tenno!

Lol matchmaking changes

Lol matchmaking changes